Angelo Tziara

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Angelo Tziara was born in Thessaloniki in 1963.
He began to exhibit his work in the early 90's (mainly painting)
His know-how in the design and manufacture of jewelry, which incidentally had been the start of his career, resulted to his appointment in 2001 as artistic director for the production of commemorative items for the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 (jewelry and pins)
He has taken part in 13 solo exhibitions and in 18 group ones.
His paintings are held in private collections of various collectors and individuals in Europe and America.
In recent years he has been living and working in Athens.

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    Angelo Tziara

    Angelo Tziara was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1963. Tziara’s interest in the arts was first exhibited at the early age of nine, when he started taking painting lessons in various painters’ studios.
    From the very beginning, he felt the need to and was curious about experimenting with a variety of materials and craft techniques. At the age of sixteen, his interest in jewelry heightened considerably. Jewelry design and crafting became his top priority as soon as he finished high school.

    For the next three years he attended the National School of Jewelry (Craft, Design and History of Arts), training, at the same time, in major workshops of Athens, next to great Greek craftsmen, in collaboration with artists with origins from Asia Minor.

    Later on, he was accepted ― unconditionally – to study at the School of Fine Arts in Strasbourg.

    Returning to Athens, he started his own jewelry workshop. During that period, he collaborated with Greek fashion designers. In addition, he created accessories for short films and the National Theatre of Northern Greece. Soon, his jewelry was exported to other countries – mainly in Europe and the USA.
    He continued to enrich his knowledge on international jewelry design by attending seminars on the history of Jewelry Art at the Hellenic American Athens College, conducted by Lila Dechaves.

    His interest in painting starts flourishing at around this time and, as a result, in 1992, having already prepared a series of paintings and jewelry, he puts together his first three exhibitions. The first one takes place in Christo Kyriazi’s Art Gallery (solo exhibition with paintings) and the second one in Ileana Tounta’s Centre of Contemporary Arts (solo exhibition with jewelry). At this time, he also has his first
    group exhibition in the Benaki Museum (jewelry).

    It is at this moment in time that Tziara decides to focus solely on painting. A new period of solo and group exhibitions starts. Tziara is now dividing his time between Athens and Mykonos.

    He travels extensively to major art capitals (Paris, London, Cologne and New York) around the world, where his artistic horizons and his restlessly creative nature are fed and broadened.

    In 1999, while living and working in his studio on New York’s Madison Avenue, he gets his first U.S. show in Andy King’s Art Gallery.
    In 2001, in addition to painting, he becomes, for a short period of time, the art director responsible for the “Olympic Games, Athens 2004” products (jewelry, porcelain, pins).
    In 2004, his first portraiture exhibition signals a new, anthropocentric era for his painting. Tziara continues to be highly interested in the study of ancient civilizations.

    Tziara’s works can be found in private collections in both Europe and America. Part of his work has been awarded a ‘D’ distinction by the Royal Academy of Arts, London at the Academy’s summer exhibition in 2001 and 2004.

    Since early 2014, Tziara lives and works in Athens.



    2014 Boutique Hotel Ploes, Syros
    Exhibition Title: “The scepters of consciousness”

    2012 Church of San Rocco, Chania
    Exhibition Title: “The scepters of consciousness”

    2004 Ersie Gallery, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Portraits”

    2002 Selini Gallery , Athens.

    2001 Ekfrasis Gallery, Glyfada
    Exhibition Title: “Energy, Mass, Light”

    1999 Andy King Gallery , Soho, New York
    Exhibition Title: “The empire”

    1998 (Selini Gallery) Santa Marina, Mykonos

    1997 Selini Gallery, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “A Perfect Day”

    1996 Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki
    Exhibition Title: “Children’s Dreams”

    1995 Prisma Gallery
    Exhibition Title: “Fish”

    1994 Maya Tsoklis Gallery, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Sunk City”

    1992 Ileana Tounda Gallery, Athens
    Jewellery Exhibition

    1992 Christos Kyriazis Art Gallery, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Civilizations Memories”



    2014 Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “35×35 art project”

    2012 Booze Cooperativa, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Sexplosion – Penis & Vagina
    Relationships in the contemporary visual arts”

    2004 Art Athina 2004, Millefiori Art Space Gallery

    2004 Iris Gallery, Athens

    2003 Hellenic American Union, Athens
    An exhibition for AIDS awareness day

    2002 Ersie’s Gallery, Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Twelve Months in Gold Background”

    2001 Benaki Museum, Athens
    Exhibition of the American Community Schools of Athens

    1998 Downtown People Gallery, Athens

    1997 “Melina Merkouri” Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens.
    Exhibition for Doctors Without Frontiers

    1997 Ersie’s Gallery, Athens

    1997 Kreonidis Gallery, Athens

    1997 Selini Gallery, Athens

    1997 Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens

    1996 Santa Marina Gallery, Mykonos, Vicky Drako’s collection.
    Exhibition Title: “Monoprakta”

    1995 American Embassy in Greece

    1995 Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens
    Exhibition Title: “Traditional May’s Wreath”

    1993 Benaki Museum Athens, Greek Jewellery Exhibition

    1992 Christos Kyriazis Art Gallery, Athens

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