May 16 2019 - June 15 2019

Marcelo Zeballos "Momentos Memorables"

Marcelo Zeballos "Momentos Memorables"

Two years after the grand success of “Mujeres”, the international visual artist and professor Marcelo Zeballos is back in Athens with his new exhibition “Momentos Memorables” that is going to take place at Mamush Gallery in Kifissia.

Born on 1970 in Buenos Aires, Marcelo Zeballos belongs to the art world since the late ‘90s. His curriculum vitae consists of more than forty-five solo and group exhibitions in museums such as Eduardo Sivori Museum and Palais de Glace Museum, and modern art spaces globally, also collaborations with Disney and MTV in Argentina.

The devotee of femininity Marcelo Zeballos, without ever deviating from his ultimate inspiration, the woman-protagonist, presents a series of moments where the role of his muse it to determine space and re-define it in a cinematic way: His new heroine is not the face of a billboard, she is a figure that choreographs inside nature and tempts the camera to follow her. She is unique, as she knows that even when she is not facing the lens, the colors, the forms and the lines of the horizon trail behind her. Marcelo Zeballo’s moments are filled with blooming emotions. The signature expression of his paintbrush and the color explosion manage to portray all these that although unspoken, are memorable.

Duration: May 16th- June 15th 2019

MAMUSH GALLERY, Benakeio Commercial Center 3, Panagitsas str, 14562, Kifissia.


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