Irene Vergitsi's New Series at Mamush Gallery

Irene Vergitsi's New Series at Mamush Gallery

Mamush Gallery presents a new collaboration with the painter Irene Vergitsi. The Greek artist with the distinctively geometric way of painting and the multi-disciplinary inspiration, that spans from digital prints to ceramics and animation to fashion textiles, will reveal her new series- made entirely by hand and under specific wonderful art concepts. 



Abstracting letters and numbers is the core aim of this series. Small scaled compositions in various colors depicting intricate intertwining lines and shapes to present unique hand-drawn typefaces. 



Entering the nautical world with this series. All paintings have been named after a part or a term used in shipping. The inspiration spark was the perspective of the forms, the hull curves and lines, the cargo depth and intersects. 



A series focused on memories and fate. The artist is adding depth and connections, levels and layers to stereotypical shapes and uses unique lettering to form words trying to show that infinity is actually something very intricate, detailed, containing quite a few different paths, dead ends and overlapping sequences. 



All one has to decide is what to do with the time given to them. The 365 series is literally a year of the life of an artist. There will be 365 paintings, each dated representing an exact date ie. Jan 10. There is a big difference between the actual time the artist invests in his paintings and the mass production of his art showcased and requested. This series will realistically take over 5 years till it reaches the 365 pieces. And this incongruous play is what is interesting. The notion of time and how it affects the relationship of the audience with art. 



Mapped childhood. A journey to different times, where character traits arise from famous animation characters. Memories come together, intricate shapes and lines help them connect and take form. The characters’ initial form is geometrically abstracted, the alteration process represents the fading of memories through the years. The titles are contradictory to the characters along with the relationship they have with the added objects they interact with. No one is who they appear to be.



An ode to all the inconspicuous heroes that live amongst us. A series of superhero masks ready to be worn by anyone! Everyone is in need of a hero and everyone needs to be the hero. The titles of the paintings are the first names of the people behind the masks, and the parenthesis on the title enhances the secrecy of their identities



Age is just a number, it is the memories that count. Symbols of childhood, deconstructed figures and shapes reminiscing of happier times. Distorted perspectives, abstract shapes depicting movement, the past unfolds and brings along images and colours that will brighten up your day. 

For Irene Vergitsi, painting has always been her favorite means of expression. Her latest series take on a more design-oriented and illustrative approach. Her play on perspective and intertwining shapes takes new form and her effortless ingenious color combinations raise the stakes even more. 


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